Are you an affiliate? Email us at: is a London based finance company operating exclusively online. The company has a full Permission from the FCA and is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association.

Our Lending Policy

We offer short term loans of maximum one month duration, aimed at individuals and businesses facing short term cash flow issues.

We are highly selective and lend only to people who we believe can repay quickly. Our policy is to encourage customers to make fast repayments rather than to continually extend a growing line of credit.

We normally decline two out of every three first-time applicants for this reason. However our processes are transparent and objective. Our automated risk technology makes objective lending decisions in real time after making a comprehensive evaluation of the available data.


We offer unmatched convenience and flexibility to our customers. Our customers can choose the exact amount and the specific duration for which they want the loan, without being forced to borrow a fixed sum and pay interest for a period longer than they need the loan. Customers may also avail fee-free early repayment option.

What really sets us apart from others is our complete transparency on the total repayment cost.

Speed and Convenience

We strive to provide unrivalled speed and convenience to our customers.

We eliminate paperwork and meetings. All our services are digital and in real time. We have provided all of our loans through our web and smart phones.

We usually deposit the approved loan to our customer’s bank account on the same day of the loan application. This is made possible by our fully automated lending process, using the faster payments service†.

We are serious in our commitment to responsible lending and put our customers at the heart of what we do.