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Representative APR of 79.5% (variable) .

In order to give everyone the same path to loans, several payday direct lenders are now extending a range of short term loans to people who would have struggled to be accepted in the past because of bad credit.

Struggling obtaining loans in the past were often as it is recently. Due to bad credit scores, credit reports, the negative information on credit reports etc.

Understanding that common but old credit scores no longer give a true picture of your ability to repay a loan. This means that many direct lenders in the UK are now concentrating on more important aspects when evaluating your application, including your current job status, your monthly income and expenditure and residential status.

Accessing people applications using affordability information is essential for direct lenders. The process shows the disposable income which gives a clear indication of the likelihood of whether the loan can be repaid on time or not.

Many direct lenders are now advancing short-term loans for people with bad credit. As with other short-term loans, these loans are often for small amounts of money and highlight a short repayment period; normally around one month to up to 12 months. Particularly created for people with bad credit, certain short-term loans accommodate people with prompt access to funds in times of financial difficulties.

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